Hartley Wintney Residents Association

Members of a North East Hampshire village have got together to form the HWSAG (Hartley Wintney Solar Action Group). Their aim is to help homeowners install solar electricity panels on their roofs to cut their carbon footprints, invest in renewable energy technology and to take advantage of the current considerable financial incentives. They have done an assessment of many installation companies and have selected the most beneficial with, not only a group discount, but also a free installation on a community building for every 25 installations.

In principle, Oakwood Infant School, Greenfields Junior School and others could benefit should the group reach the required targets. As well as the financial benefit, the Solar PV panels would also assist in environmental and renewable energy education and help the schools meet the new carbon-reduction commitment.

The programme is already underway with 12 installations complete and another 5 booked. Although they expect most installations to be in Hartley Wintney, homeowners from outside the village are welcome to join and they already have an installation in the nearby town of Fleet.

“Many people will be looking at the good financial return from a successful installation but I also enjoy the thought of the sun helping me with my energy needs. It feels really good to know I am using carbon-free electricity,” said Derek Smee, who lives in the village and was one of the first to get a system. “There will be a number of us trail-blazers there at the meeting on the 13th to answer any questions and help people decide whether solar panels are for them.”

Ken Shorey, another resident of Hartley Wintney, said, “I am happy to recommend Paarl Energy. The customer service follow-up was impressive.”



There are now been 92 successful installations within the village with the goal of reaching 92 by the end of the summer.
The donation of three 4kW solar systems to the schools in Hartley Wintney, were completed by PAARL in 2012 as part of the initial contract agreement.

The scheme has proven so successfully that Alton and Odiham Village have now secured the same deal with PAARL.

The HWSAG can be contacted at hwsolar2011@yahoo.co.uk for queries or to book a free no-obligation survey.