Heat Pumps

Paarl is able to design and provide the correct heat pump for your project.

We are an approved reseller and installer of Daikin Heat Pumps UK, which are accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and the Real Assurance Scheme.
We are able to offer a wide range of Domestic and Commercial heat pumps for many different applications and demands.

A well designed and correctly installed heat pump can account for all your heating and hot water needs giving you 400% efficiency, compared to a conventional boiler system. There is no combustion with a heat pump, which means there are no harmful emissions or fumes, no need for flues (duct, pipe, or chimney) and no need to worry about carbon monoxide in the home. Heat pumps also require very little maintenance. For smaller properties air source heat pumps do not require a large space as they extract heat from the air rather than the ground and operate at temperatures of -20C. Ground source heat pumps require larger surface areas of ground space due to their extraction of heat from the ground or we can offer a vertical geothermal solution.

PAARL takes full design responsibility. We carry out the design with approved computer aided software provided by Daikin to ensure that all calculations are correct with no possible design errors.

Low temperature renewable heat sources such as heat pumps are a perfect partner for wet under floor heating therefore Paarl can save you time and money as well as giving you peace of mind by purchasing an integrated system from one supplier.

To find out more about the different types of heat pumps that we are able to offer and whether they can suit your requirements please contact us for free information and advice.

Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating works by the circulation of hot water through designed runs of composite aluminum piping situated under the floor. The runs of piping come from a manifold, which enables you to break the property into zones (i.e. Living Room, Kitchen etc.) giving zone control linked with individual thermostats. It is superior to radiators as it is able to heat the floor area creating a thermal store depending on the surrounding properties enabling heat to be stored and dissipated more evenly and efficiently.

Paarl provides a complete design package with the highest of quality components including a full system design with CAD drawings and installation & service manuals.

We work with architects, developers and private clients giving computer aided layouts and designs of all wet heating systems, ensuring that systems are professionally installed and balanced enabling the best possible solution. Paarl is able to offer under floor heating systems suitable for all types of project, floor coverings, and floor constructions. And they can be easily fitted for extensions and renovations, and linked to existing central heating systems.

We keep all work in-house and do not subcontract any work, giving you peace of mind and providing you with a tailored and professional service, responding quickly and efficiently. All installations comply with Part L of Building Regulations and we are also registered under the Competent Persons Register.

Geothermal Boreholes

PAARL has developed a cost effective solution for installing geothermal ground loops with its drilling rig, cutting out the need for major ground works and large scale drilling. We are able to install vertical geothermal ground loops at a depth of 20 meters with a series of loops offering the same solution as a ground loop of 100 meters. This is more beneficial for properties with average sized gardens that have limited access and also for customers worried about industrial sized machinery carrying out work in domestic environments. We are even able to get the drilling rig through a 800mm wide passage way or even through a garage.

Geological surveys are completed as part of our fixed pricing; the survey provides geological results and recommendations required for the proposed ground source heat pump solution. We can then from these results provide the array design for the geothermal borehole structure, depth and layout.

We are able to offer the service inline with our own heat pump installations or to other heat pump installation companies looking for a simple and cheaper solution.

We are an approved reseller and installer of Daikin Heat Pumps UK, which are accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and the Real Assurance Scheme. These schemes are designed to protect the consumer against poor specification and installation. As a company accredited under these schemes we have to conform to the Consumer Code of Conduct.