Luxury Lighting

Lighting controls for home, garden, hotel, and management with audiovisual integration in the office.

We are committed to designing and creating audio visual solutions that not only meet your requirements but that carry the ultimate performance and reliability. PAARL has worked with a number of leading property developers, architects, design experts, interior designers, contractors, builders and of course individual and commercial clients. Our aim is to deliver the highest standard of audiovisual systems and excellent customer service, whilst working with the latest products from the leading providers Creston, Lutron and many more.

Lutron Control Systems can offer unlimited control capabilities; integrating lighting audiovisual, blinds control, security systems and much more.

Creston too, makes it easy to deliver presentations by controlling all room technology and managing resources for residential, corporate, education and healthcare ventures.

PAARL’s fully qualified engineers carry out installations

Low Energy Lighting

The use of home energy is accountable for 28% of the UK’s CO2 emissions, which we know contributes to climate change. An ordinary non-low energy light bulb only emits 10% of its electricity into light; the other 90% is wasted as heat!

PAARL would like to show you that energy saving light bulbs produce more light for less power, which results in lower running costs. More than 25% of the electricity in an average building can be used up by lights, this is why the UK building regulations now states that all new builds or extensions must have 30% low energy lighting. By just replacing your ordinary light bulb to a low energy bulb, you can cut energy waste by three quarters.

If every UK building changed just three lamps there would be enough saved energy to light the UK’S street lamps. These energy efficient light bulbs will reduce maintenance costs as they provide a longer life expectancy. Energy saving light bulbs is a step forward to good green behavior for not only the environment, but your money too.