Piling Contractor

PAARL offers a cost effective micro piling solution for builders and developers covering the following:

Soil Surveys
Steel fixing and fabrication onsite

Micropiing is the perfect solution for residential extensions, basements and areas that are hard to reach, as the machine can easily tracked and positioned

We are able to install piles up to 20m x 300mm in confined spaces using Hollow Stem or Auger & Casing methods, with different sizes upon request.

Machine details

Length: 2100mm
Width: 750mm
Height Drilling: 2200mm
Height Tracking: 1500mm
Weight: 1500kg
Power: 55kW
Max Torque: 8000Nm
Extraction Force: 5000kg

Power Pack: Separate to the rig with an extension range of 40m on the hoses
Power Pack: 1500kg

We work alongside architects, surveyors and civil engineering contractors.