Redfield’s Garden Centre

A newly constructed garden centre completed in spring 2014, which is the flagship site of the Blue Diamond Group.

The Redfield’s Garden Centre is one of the most advance garden centres in the country boasting organic foods, fresh pastries, a selection of hot meals and much more.

PAARL was approached as a trusted supplier for this project and managed to lead it through to completion in just 5 weeks after the contract was signed.

Size of store: 7000m2
Current energy consumption: 500MWh per annum
Desired capacity: 100kW
Installed capacity: 100kW
District Network Operator: SSE
DNO application: PAARL
EPC after installation: Band B
Web monitoring system: SMA via network and remote monitoring software
Offset of carbon emissions: 49,320kg per annum
Installation duration: 5 days
Estimated return on investment: 16.7%

Steel structure framework
Composite clad panels
Insulated composite clad roof

Jonathan Goater – Redfield’s Developments “PAARL provided good quality products, along with professional and responsible service in the supply and installation of the photovoltaic cells”