Since becoming an Microgeneration Certified Installer we have now successfully installed over 3700 solar PV systems on Domestic and Commercial buildings.
PAARL has created and managed community action groups within villages and communities, donated free solar systems to multiple schools and care homes.
The current rate of return on Domestic and Commercial PV is averaging 12%-15%> which is far better then any bank or fund available on todays markets.

The PAARL process

After an interest has been expressed and a further detailed discussion with us, a FREE site survey can be arranged, out of hours if required.
The site survey and installation process is as follows.

Site Survey

At a time arranged to suit you, a PAARL engineer will come and conduct a site survey. They will assess key factors for the proposed installation including the roof structure, roof type, shading and orientation. The engineer will give honest advice on the different types of products highlighting advantages and disadvantages.

Note – all our surveys are carried out by engineer’s not sales people to ensure you get accurate, unbiased information.


Following the survey a quotation will be sent to you, detailing the best solution discussed in the site survey. This will include the materials list, price, weight load calculations, the yearly energy that will be produced by the proposed installation and the Return On Investment (ROI) you may receive.


Once the quotation has been accepted and signed by you, return the quotation to the PAARL office along with your deposit. Your installation date will then be agreed.

Note: no deposit is required as full invoice is issued on completion to ensure peace of mind and customer satisfaction


The day before your installation date, any scaffolding needed will be erected by PAARL. On the day of installation, PAARL engineers will arrive between 8.00am and 9.30am and run through the installation process, ensuring everyone is in complete agreement before work starts.

After the installation is complete an engineer will run through the system demonstrating equipment and isolation procedures, answering any technical or other related questions. You will receive a handover pack and PAARL will register your system with MCS and issue you with the MCS certificate.

Follow Up

PAARL will give you a call to check that everything has been completed to your satisfaction and that all paperwork is in place. A customer feedback questionnaire should also be completed at this time.

Please contact us with your questions or to book a free site survey 01932 784772