Smart water meters are now being installed into most homes in the UK, which monitor water usage and also allowing water companies to immediately identify you if you are breaking water usage levels such as hosepipe bands or limitations set by them.

This can prove inconvenient for homeowners with well presented and cared for gardens, allotment owners and village watering schemes.

We comply with all current regulations such as the 1993 Water Act and the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009, allowing us to offer the following benefits via a water borehole:

  • Up to 4,400 gallons of FREE water a day
  • Your own potable water supply via our UV filtration system
  • Can be installed in remote locations
  • Can be linked with large or small irrigation schemes

Water boreholes are installed by coring a 135mm diameter hole at the specified depth into the ground targeting a depth below the water table. Once this has been completed a permeable meshed casing is inserted at the full depth, water can filter into the borehole’s permeable casing without collapse. A Grundfoss borehole pump will then be suspended into the casing allowing water to be pumped via pipe work to the surface into an ornate garden tape stand, an irrigation system or other chosen application.

Who do we work with?
We drill water boreholes for garden irrigation and outside use, golf courses, garden centers, sports grounds, swimming pools, ponds and moats. Or just to supply a potable drinking water solution to your home.

PAARL uses the highest quality and most advanced equipment in borehole technology to ensure the highest quality installation of your borehole system. PAARL will also carry out any tests or relevant geological surveys to ensure the feasibility and viability of your water system.

We also provide geological surveys to assist with the assurance of perfect borehole landscapes.

What is the suitability of your site?
Water boreholes are fitted in most locations with limited requirement. We are able to drill with out disruption to gardens, turfed areas, surrounding landscaping and access routes.

The Paarl borehole process
We will perform a free site survey and give you a full report of the water resources in your area, which will specify:

  • Likely supply level and quality of water available
  • Any filtration issues
  • The size and depth of the borehole recommended
  • The cost
  • The installation process
  • Manufacturer’s warranties and maintenance

Please contact us with your questions or to book a free site survey 01932 784772